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Master of Business Administration, Full-Time Program

Career Track

Master of Business Administration Full Time Program

Course Number and TitleCredits
Year 1 - Business Fundamentals
MBA 501 Financial Reporting and Analysis2
MBA 502 Fundamentals of Marketing2
MBA 503 Managing Successful Projects: Planning and People2
MBA 504 Managerial Accounting for Planning and Control2
MBA 505 Strategy for Competitive Advantage2
MBA 506 Discipline Integration: Live Cases2
MBA 507 Statistical Thinking and Analysis2
MBA 508 Corporate Financial Management2
MBA 509 Data and Process Management2
MBA 510 Creating Competitive Advantage Along the Supply Chain2
MBA 511 Contemporary Issues in Business Law2
MBA 513 Discipline Integration: Cases and Business Modeling2
MBA 590 Practicum/Internship3
Year 2 - Business Applications
MBA 515 Design Thinking2
MBA 516 Managing Successful Projects: Project Scheduling and Execution2
MBA 517 Managing Human Resources2
MBA 518 Markets, Prices, and Economic Decision Making2
MBA 519 Organizational Skills2
MBA 520 Launching Business Initiatives2
MBA 521 Economic Policy and Trade2
MBA 523 Management and Oral Communication2
MBA 524 Applied Capstone Project Start2
MBA 525 Applied Capstone Project Finish6
Students will need to meet with Program Coordinator to coordinate summer internship.