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Master of Science in Kinesiology

  • Graduate Program Coordinator: Shelley Lucas
  • Bronco Gymnasium, Room 101, Mail Stop 1710
  • Phone: (208) 426-2446
  • E-mail:

Master of Science in Kinesiology

Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Requirements

Select one course from each of the following areas:

Behavioral Studies
KINES 530 Psychology of Exercise and Sport (3 cr)
KINES 560 Motor Learning (3 cr)

Biophysical Studies
KINES 510 Physiology of Activity (3 cr)
KINES 520/ME 520 Advanced Biomechanics (3 cr)

Socio-historical Studies
KINES 535 Sociology of Exercise and Sport (3 cr)
KINES 550 Philosophy of Exercise and Sport (3 cr)
KINES 582 Selected Topics in Sport History (3 cr)

KINES 598 Graduate Seminar (1-2 cr)
(Enrollment is required each Fall semester of all graduate students in residence; two credits may be applied toward graduation.)
Methods of Inquiry
KINES 551 Research Design in Exercise and Sport (3 cr)

Select one of the following courses:
ED-LLC 503 Applied Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual Education/ESL and Multiculturalism (3 cr)
ED-ESP 552 Language Arts for Special Educators (3 cr)
HIST 500 The Nature of History (3 cr)
KINES 552 Applied Statistical Methods (3 cr)
KINES 572 Grant Writing (3 cr)
SOC 500 Advanced Social Statistics (3 cr)
SOC 502 Qualitative Social Research Methods (3 cr)
SOC 571 Feminist Sociological Theory (3 cr)
Approved Electives
A list of approved electives for each of the three areas of emphasis, Behavioral Studies, Biophysical Studies, and Socio-historical Studies, is available on the departmental website
KINES 593 Thesis5
KINES 688 Thesis Proposal 1