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Master of Arts in Education, Literacy

Master of Arts in Education, Literacy

Course Number and TitleCredits
Literacy and Educational Foundations
ED-CIFS 506 Issues in Education3
ED-LLC 540 Foundation of Literacy Instruction3
Research in Literacy
ED-CIFS 503 Fundamentals of Educational Research
ED-LLC 556 Applied Research in Large-Scale Literacy Assessment
ED-LLC 557 Research Base for Contemporary Literacy Curricula
ED-LLC 560 Interpreting Research in Literacy
Assessment and Instruction
ED-LLC 541 Assessment and Instruction: Reading Difficulties K-123
ED-LLC 542 Best Practices in Literacy Improvement3
Diversity of Literacy Learners
ED-LLC 502 Methods of Teaching English Language Learners
ED-LLC 548 Psycholinguistics and Literacy
ED-LLC 559 Language, Literacy and Culture
Content Literacy
ED-LLC 550 Advanced Content Area Literacy
Literature for Youth
ED-LLC 506 Multicultural Literature: Promoting Social Justice
ED-LLC 546 Advanced Study of Children’s Literature
ED-LLC 547 Advanced Young Adult Literature
Writing Instruction
ED-LLC 545 Writing Processes, Instruction, and Assessment: K-8
ED-LLC 558 Advanced Writing Processes and Assessment
New Literacies
ED-LLC 552 Technology and Literacy
EDTECH 531 Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds
EDTECH 532 Educational Games and Simulations
EDTECH 533 YouTube for Educators
EDTECH 534 Mobile App Design for Teaching & Learning
EDTECH 541 Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum
Culminating Activity
Students who wish to complete the thesis option must do so with the assistance of his or her advisor. Students are required to complete ED-LLC 556 or ED-LLC 557 for the Research in Literacy requirement as well as 6 credits in the following: ED-LLC 593 Thesis (6 cr)

Professional Growth Aligned to Standards
Required for Certified or practicing teachers.
ED-LLC 672 Capstone Proposal (Professional Growth Aligned to Standards)(1 cr)
ED-LLC 692 Capstone Course (Professional Growth Aligned to Standards)(2 cr)


Literacy in Society
Required for students who are not Certified teachers.
ED-LLC 672 Capstone Proposal (Literacy in Society)(1 cr)
ED-LLC 692 Capstone Course (Literacy in Society)(2 cr)
Completion of the required courses in the Master of Arts in Education, Literacy may qualify the candidate for a State of Idaho Literacy Endorsement for state Certification. With the assistance of his or her advisor, the candidate can select appropriate courses to meet endorsement requirements. A complete list of courses that meet the Idaho State Literacy Endorsement requirements can be found at