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Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies

College of Health Education, Department of Counselor Education

College of Health Sciences, Master of Health Science Program

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Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies

Course Number and TitleCredits
COUN 541/MHLTHSCI 544 Addiction and the Family System3
COUN 544/MHLTHSCI 564 Screening and Assessment of Alcohol and Drug Problems3
COUN 546/MHLTHSCI 565 Assessment and Case Management of Alcohol and Drug Problems3
A minimum of 9 credits from the following:
COUN 543/MHLTHSCI 543 Assessing and Managing Adolescent Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Risks (2 cr)
COUN 547/MHLTHSCI 547 Chemical Addictions and Violence Prevention (2 cr)
COUN 548 Addiction and Behavioral Health Assessment and Intervention (3 cr)
COUN 550/MHLTHSCI 568 Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment Planning (2 cr)
COUN 567/MHLTHSCI 567 Clinical Supervision Principles and Practice (1 cr)
HLTHST 469 Ethics for Addiction Professionals or
COUN 508 Special Needs, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Counseling (2 cr - 3 cr)
Course prerequisites or permission of the instructor must also be met.
Students who wish to enroll in courses other than those specified may do so by permission of he Addiction Studies Graduate Certificate Committee.
Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all certification course work.
Students seeking Alcohol/Drug Counselor certification are strongly advised to take HLTHST 469 and MHLTHSCI 548 if not pursuing the Masters of Counseling Program.